How to Look Fashionable in Sneakers

These days, when it comes to fashion, comfort is in! With trends like athleisure on the rise, incorporating sneakers into your looks is a must! 

If you're one that loves to wear sneakers, but struggle with wearing them in a fashion forward way, here are some tips on how to rock your sneakers in a stylish and comfortable way!

1) Dress Up Sneakers with Fashion Forward Pieces

Sneakers won't look so casual when dressed up with more fashion forward pieces. They look great paired with dresses and skirts. I've worn mine with casual dresses and leather pieces. I've seen others pair sneakers with sequin pants. Pairing them with something other than sweat pants will create a less "I'm chilling at home" look; instead you'll be creating a balanced sporty and feminine look.

Image: Tracee Ellis Ross Instagram

Image: Tracee Ellis Ross Instagram


2) Go For Color

Yes you can wear all black sneakers or classic black and white. But if you love color, don't be afraid to rock sneakers in a bold color or sneakers with bold color laces. 

Image: Star Style

Image: Star Style


3) Keep Your Sneakers Clean

Keep your shoe laces clean by washing them periodically. Remove scuffs and dirt from the soles of your shoes. Clean shoes will keep your outfit from looking sloppy. 


4) Avoid Gym Sneakers

I know it seams odd to be giving advice on how to look fashionable in sneakers but then suggest that you avoid gym sneakers. But they're called gym sneakers for a reason. For a more stylish look, you'll want to pair feminine pieces with casual or what I like to call "fashionable sneakers." These are sneakers you wouldn't wear to the gym to work out!

Image: Style Caster

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If you're seeking to wear sneakers in a fashionable way, I hope this post helps! If you have a style question you want me to answer, please leave a comment below!