Investing In Myself: My 9 Day Stylist Trip to NYC!

I’ve been to New York City multiple times.  I traveled to NYC three times earlier this year, but those trips were for fashion shows, visiting friends and enjoying Broadway. This October, I traveled to the Big Apple for my future. And those 9 days were amazing!


After talking the talk but not walking the walk for years, I finally took my own advice and invested in myself. I traveled to the concrete jungle to participate in the School of Style Stylist Certification Program. Taught by former fashion stylist Luke Storey and Personal Fashion Stylist Lauren Messiah, this 9 day course teaches aspiring fashion stylist EVERYTHING they need to know about the industry. And when I say everything I mean it. From filling out paperwork and marking alterations to learning famous fashion photographers and merchandising, this program covered it all.  


The 9 days consisted of in-class and off-site days. In class, we went through a lot of information. Along with going through the material in our books, we also participated in group styling challenges which were very entertaining. Never a dull moment!  The days we weren’t in class were used to work on our homework assignments and final project (yes we had homework). I won’t tell you what the homework assignments are, just in case there are some future School of Style students reading. I want you to be surprised :) But I will say the assignments were teachable moments for all of us.  


On the final two days of the class, we presented our final projects. We were all stressed about this projects, but everyone did a great job! This project was a great example of how every stylist’s interpretation of various project criteria is different; we can all style the same assignment differently given our own personal style and background. 


After nine 8 hour days and 40 presentations, we officially graduated! One thing Luke stressed throughout the class is that he wanted us to start working immediately. After graduation, all School of Style graduates become members of the Style Society Job Placement Network. This network provides grads with the opportunity to intern and assist with fashion stylist in the industry. I’ve actually had the opportunity to work as a virtual intern for two weeks with a fashion stylist and I know many of my other classmates have been working as interns as well since we graduated.


My 9 day trip to NYC not only provided me with a wealth of information and connected me with some amazing people, but it serves as a platform to continue moving in the right direction. This class proved to be the most valuable 9 days of my fashion career thus far. The days were long but I loved every minute of it.

This is just the beginning of the amazing things that are yet to come! You can check out more pictures from my trip on Instagram.