Life of An Assistant: Ne-Yo for the 2018 Grammys

It's award season! And guess who assisted Apuje with getting Ne-Yo ready for the 2018 Grammys?!

NeYo 2018 Grammys 2.jpg

After having a fitting on Thursday to finalize his look, I spent the Friday before the Grammys making sure all alterations were complete and all items were packed. This year, the Grammys were in New York which added another level of stress when the team doesn't get to travel and dress the talent in person. 

NeYo 2018 Grammys.jpg

I made it to FedEx just in time to overnight Ne-Yo's weekend Grammy looks! The final result: the mustard velvet jacket by Grayscale. It was a hit on the red carpet. This look made Esquire's and GQ UK's best dressed lists! Proving that when it comes to suiting, men should embrace more color!