Life of An Assistant: Introduction to Working in Los Angeles

I have been talking about moving to Los Angeles for the past few years. If you ask my closest friends, they would probably say I am obsessed! Prior to my trip this year, I had never been to LA, except for a four hour layover at the airport when I was 13 years old.

Over the years, as I have continued to be exposed to different areas of styling, the West Coast became more and more appealing. There is a variety of styling opportunities out west that I definitely want to explore. 

So before jumping all in, I decided to take a trip out west for a week to get an idea of what Los Angeles was all about. While I knew I wanted to hike Runyon Canyon, walk down Hollywood Blvd and attend a pre-Grammy party or two, I also wanted to work as an assistant while I was there. I was able to link up with celebrity stylist Apuje for a few days and get a crash course in working as an assistant in Los Angeles.

I started my Wednesday morning with organizing merchandise and packing up rack of clothes that we would need for the day; followed by a few hours of wardrobe pickups before heading to the afternoon photo shoot for Danielle Campbell (yep that's me in the background of the photo below in my denim on denim). After the shoot, we had two evening client fittings. I made it back to where I was staying at 12:30 AM. I clocked in 16 working hours for my first day in LA ( about TIRED)! 

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On Thursday at 7:00 am, I was up packing merchandise again for the morning's photo shoot and fitting. We ended around 2:00 pm, so I had a few hours to chill before my evening tasks. 

By 5:00 pm I was on my way to make a return at a rental house. By this time, it's also rush hour and after making the return, I head to Apuje's client's house to dress her for an evening event. Let me tell you...WAZE is your best friend in LA! The traffic and navigation app took me on a back route to avoid traffic on the 101. I found myself going up and down extremely narrow streets on hills (I kept telling myself, "don't look left!" This girl is not a fan of heights). It was an adventure to say the least. But I made it in time to dress Skai Jackson for Eva Gutowski's book release! 

My second day working wasn't so bad...I clocked in 12 hours! Those two days were great learning opportunities and an introduction to working as an assistant in LA.

I spent the rest of my time exploring the City of Angels. I visited Runyon Canyon, walked down Hollywood Blvd, enjoyed In & Out Burger and attended a few parties. I am not sure what I expected, but Los Angeles isn't as overwhelming as I thought it would be.  70+ degrees in February isn't too bad either.

I'm definitely going back!