Moving to LA: Three Month Anniversary Update

Today marks exactly three months since I moved to Los Angeles! These three months have gone by so quickly, but at the same time, it feels like I have been in LA for a longer period of time. 

A lot has happened and since so many of you have followed me on this journey, I wanted to give you an update on what I have been up to over the past few months.



I was filled with emotions the day I flew on a one way flight to LA. The next morning, I definitely had a WTF moment. Like "what did I really just do?? Did I really move ACROSS the country?" All of my belongings in transit and my condo was empty, seeking a renter. And I found myself sitting in a new office that was smaller and a lot quieter than the office I left in Washington, DC. There was no turning back. I guess you could say once the adrenaline of the move faded, I was hit with the shock of the decision I made.

Along with dealing with the emotions of moving, I jumped right in with an assistant stylist job, working on the E! Countdown to the Red Carpet Trend Report for the Emmys (read about it here). I also had an interview with School of Style (watch here). Let's just say the first two weeks after moving to September were nonstop! 

SOS Interview.jpg

September was a tiring month. Not only was I trying to get used to West Coast time, but the commute back and forth from where I was temporarily staying to work and my assistant job took an hour or longer each time. I have never filled up my gas tank so many times weekly in my life! 

Before moving, I said I wanted to find an apartment by the end of September. After my mom and I searched tirelessly online for weeks, I found a place and received the keys to an apartment on September 30th!


October was my move in month. Not only did I move, but it felt like I was always running errands every day after work to purchase items for my place. It was also the month of NO styling work until the end of October. I had the opportunity to assist a stylist based in London with one of her clients that was in LA for an awards event. Besides that job, October was a dry month. And if I'm honest, I became concerned. In my mind, I was supposed to have styling jobs left and right once I moved! That wasn't happening. I started to doubt if the move was right for me. What if I failed?

In retrospect, I needed the month of October to move in and get settled without also trying to juggle assisting.  It allowed me to get my place together; I also used this time to reflect and help me get comfortable with being in a new city. Plus, I had no idea what lied ahead in November.


November was a BUSY month! I reached out to my mentor Apuje and told him I was available to assist. Being available and flexible with my schedule allowed me to work with him on four photo shoots over a two week period!  I assisted on three shoots that featured entertainers and a holiday beauty shoot that was filled with so much #BlackGirlMagic 

 Styled by Apuje; Stylist Assistant:Keri Henderson

Styled by Apuje; Stylist Assistant:Keri Henderson


I also started assisting a fellow School of Style stylist Teresita. She styles the five member boy group Why Don't We. Yes FIVE members. Talk about a lot of clothes! The last fitting we had for them included three racks of clothes. That is the reason it literally takes me ALL DAY to complete returns.

Working with both Apuje and Teresita has been a great experience. They work on different styling jobs so it's great that I am able to be exposed to different types of jobs. I look forward to continue to work with them in 2018.


This past weekend I attended the Ebony Power 100 event at the Beverly Hilton. I went with my friend Erica who I met through blogging years ago in DC. We reconnected after seeing each other at a photo shoot last month. We got our entire lives! The room was full of black excellence; so many people we admire.  Between open bar, free dinner and a performance by Bell Biv Devoe, I can say that was one of the best nights I have had in LA since moving here. 

This past Sunday, thanks to my mentor, I had the opportunity to style my first photo shoot! I can't wait to see the final images. 

Fashion Rack.jpg

Along with the above, I have also attended a few events in Los Angeles including Taste of Soul and the opening of three new exhibits at the California African American Museum. After all, I still need to have a life outside of working and pursing my passion! 

So far, I have had a great time in LA. I miss my family and friends soooo much; I wish I could relocate them all to live near me, but I know that at this moment, LA is where I am supposed to be in order to grow and get closer to becoming the woman God intends for me to be!

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*LA photo by Mad Works Photography