My First TV Style Segment: White After Labor Day Fashion Tips on Fox 5 DC

Last week I was asked to host a style segment on Fox 5 DC. In response to my "How To Wear White After Labor Day" post, a producer thought the topic would be a good segment to have on the Saturday, September 26th morning show. I was excited and nervous. After all, hosting this type of segment was one of my goals as a stylist. It gives me the opportunity to showcase what I can do to a much larger audience!

White After Labor Day Models

Once I was asked to do the segment, I immediately contacted a few friends to see if they would serve as models. I'm so lucky to be surrounded by people who are supportive because they all said yes without hesitation. Nordstrom was kind enough to let me pull items which were used, along with clothes in my closet and my friend's closets, to put together each look.

On Saturday morning, we met at the Fox 5 DC studio at 7am. My friends did their hair and makeup and I had everyone dressed by 8am. We were scheduled to go on at 8:22 am, so for 22 minutes, I paced, checked everyone's outfit again and went over my notes. I was tempted to take my index cards that had my talking points on them, but my friends QUICKLY shut that down. They were not having it! I knew what I wanted to say; I just needed to be confident in myself and try to forget that hundreds (maybe thousands?) of people would be watching.

Fox 5 Set - White After Labor Day

When I speak in public, I always feel like I stumble over my words, but everyone says I did a great job so I'll take their word for it. I'll watch the video eventually. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to host my first style segment. After the Grammy segment earlier this year, I told myself I wanted to be on TV one more time before 2015 was over, especially after updating my business website and re-branding myself on social media.  


If you missed the segment, check it out below: