• My experience working with Keri on my engagement shoot was spectacular. She provided great customer service and made the entire process convenient and easy. I basically gave her a general idea of what I wanted as far as the overall theme and the rest she took care of. She was also very mindful of our budget and provided great options. She also worked well on the spot when one of the looks didn't fit as intended, she was able to work with my existing wardrobe and was able to come up with an additional look. She came very prepared with steamer, garment bags, makeup mask, all things I wouldn't have thought of but were essentials to the shoot.  I would definitely recommend her service. - Tracy C.


  • I had an amazing day shopping with Keri. For someone who does not do a lot of shopping for myself when it comes to clothes, I was very nervous about how things were going to go.  But as soon as we started my shopping appointment, my mind was put at ease. Keri took my vision with her expertise and truly helped me get started on creating the wardrobe I want. We visited many stores and I was able to get a lot of clothes, but I also gained a lot of knowledge. I am truly looking forward to our next session. If you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe or just learn how to better put things together, Keri is your girl! - James B.


  • Keri is an awesome stylist!  When I thought I lost my sense of style after having a baby, losing weight, and juggling work with motherhood, she showed and taught me how to embrace my new figure, update my wardrobe, and try new styles. She’s professional,  patient and determined to bring out the “stylist” we all have within us. – Celia L.


  • Keri is an exceptional stylist. She styled my birthday outfit this year through inspiration of the most fabulous Alicia Keys and it was truly a hit. I was concerned about how to wear my new black vest and Keri matched it up with black skin jeans, a black turtle neck and red jewelry. The highlight of the outfit was the snakeskin pumps that she recommended I wear. It was one of those nights that I didn’t want to stop looking at myself in the mirror. No need to search far and wide for a fantastic outfit to feel absolutely sexy and accent the curves! Keri will work with you no matter the budget and will make sure that before you leave the house you have on an outfit that is tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady. I would highly recommend Keri to my friends and any woman or man looking to re-do their wardrobe, find outfits for a vacation, or just to try something new to spice up their style. – Jovonne W.


  • I was recently fortunate to have Keri help me with creating some awesome new looks from my existing wardrobe!  I was in a rut and felt like I was wearing the same things all the time.  Keri was able to help me mix and match items to essentially increase my options tenfold! She was able to help me think out of the box about color, texture, and accessories.  In a matter of a few hours, she put together over 30 looks for me! It was an amazing experience. I highly recommend Keri to anyone looking for a fresh take on items in their existing wardrobe or looking for any styling help.  She is truly a professional that enjoys what she does! - Renee B. 


  • Keri is a sweetheart with a lot of great ideas who can make you see the potential of your existing clothing and the possibility of completing your wardrobe with a few additions. I like that she taps into styles, trends, and accessories that work for you and your body, and really emphasizes that most styles work, if YOU love the look and wear it confidently. I have so much love for Keri, and I hope others work with her and discover what a closet-aficionado she is!  – Malinda 


  • I am so thrilled with my time with Keri. As is typical for me, I woke up that morning and couldn’t put an outfit together, so I threw on all black and went to work. That evening, Keri created about 20 different looks with stuff already in my closet! There are still pieces that we didn’t even get to, so I am excited to work with her again to get those pieces functional. She also saved me almost $200 by recommending that I return a blazer that just wasn’t the right color or fit, something I would have discovered a year later, meaning money down the drain. She really ‘got’ what I was trying to achieve–professional yet vibrant and fresh. I also walked away with a shopping list for pieces that would help to tie existing pieces together plus a lesson on how to wear scarves. The next day I tried one of the looks (including scarf) and felt so good about it. Added bonus–tons of compliments!  – Yanique R.


  • Keri has brought color and life back to my wardrobe! She helped me figure out how to wear the clothes I already have in fresh new ways. Her main goal was to find out what looks I wanted and what essential pieces were missing from my closet. After that, it was time to shop! This was the easiest shopping experience ever. She picked out my pieces and all I had to do was try on the different looks, and say what I liked or didn’t like. I get compliments from my coworkers and friends…they all love the new me:) Thanks Keri! – Tiffany R.


  • Keri is one of the most talented stylist I have come across in a while. As soon as she accepted the styling position for the shoot she corresponded with me, and developed her ideas way before the day of the shoot. Keri was punctual and well prepared and was able to pull looks very quickly. She absolutely rocked the photo-shoot and also gave me a few pointers on shoot etiquette. I look forward to working with Keri again, she put clothes and accessories together in ways I would never think of! Amazing. – Tonya, ElaineLuxe.com